Monday, December 14, 2009

Your Mind Power: Who Is In Control Of It?

As I began preparing to write this article, I was reminded of a statement made by Earl Nightingale, a pioneer in the field of self development, that the vast majority of people have no idea of the mind power they possess from birth and it is given to us for FREE! He went on to give this analogy. Imagine one of those giant earth-moving machine at a construction site, a huge and incredible machine, with a little person perched way up on top with the wheel in his/her hands controlling it.

How striking that analogy is to the human mind, and it offers a powerful clue as to what is necessary to begin mastering your mind power. The enormous machine will carry many tons of earth wherever the operator desires that it should go, but it takes the little person at the controls to give it direction.

It was over 40 years ago when Mr. Nightingale made that statement and gave that analogy. Amazingly, little has changed in terms of the lack of knowledge and understanding of the mind power each of us possesses and how you can take control of it. Most people give little thought to their minds and the tremendous power within them to do, to be, and to have more of what they would like to have in their lives. It seems that for the first few years of their lives they literally have no control over their minds and what they think.

Look at your own life. During those early years, the control of your mind was exercised by your environment, your parents and care-givers, for the most part. Then the educational and religious systems took their share of control in shaping what you learned to think, and perhaps even more importantly, shaping the limitations that were placed in your thinking.

Unfortunately, by the time you exited high school, your habitual patterns of thinking may as well have been set in concrete, and those habitual thinking patterns were essentially placed there by someone other than you. The consequences for you, however, were by the time you reached adulthood, most of your dreams were buried beneath hundreds or even thousands of negative, dream-sapping beliefs.

How many courses were you offered on the power of positive thinking in school? How many courses were you offered that taught you wealth-building principles in school? How many courses were you offered that taught you how your mind functions and how you can control it and direct it toward more of what you desire to be, to do and to have? Yet the very kinds of courses that were not offered to you were the very kinds of courses you must have to build a more successful, more fulfilling, and happier life.

Here is something I know for sure, however, you can claim or re-claim control of your own mind power. You are the most miraculous of all living beings on earth. You are the owner of a mind that is so stupendous, that as you truly begin mastering your mind power and consciously using it, there is no dream that you can dream that you cannot achieve.

About the author

Harold L Lowe retired at age 62 when his six-figure income position was eliminated. He now wishes to share some of what he has learned since then and some of his experiences as well through articles. He is now studying The New Think And Grow Rich with the author, Ted Ciuba, a founding member of the World Internet Summit. To Claim A FREE Copy Of The Book That Inspired The Movie/DVD/Book, The Secret, Go To: Power Of The Mind

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mind Power You are the Controller

Staying force is so crucial to controlling your mind; many individuals and groups are generally ready to turn in the towel at the first sign of difficulty. Unfortunately, only a very few take stock in their mind as the controlling force at their command. The alteration of our liveliness for the improvement of our wishes, giving up is not an Alternative!

Changing our efforts will continually be in the benefit of our most internal wishes. Sit quietly for a spell and meditate on your design as much as you can. Make your desires a solid idea in your mind. See yourself in your idea as already having control of and thoroughly enjoying your want. Put a strong emphasis on the power of will. Now look at the strong emotions you have toward this idea. (These emotions are positive, in nature). Using your gift once again, intensify the emotions you are experiencing as much as you can. For there to be an impassioned want, those feelings must be stronger than any feeling you can form which is happening at the same time when you are experiencing your desire.

Scattered thoughts and lose efforts do not do any good for you when creating your desires. I am not suggesting that your efforts must be at full speed in the beginning. Starting easy is not a sin. In fact starting out easy might well be a blessing for you. Sustainability is what you should achieve. Continuous adjustments and a moving toward and mastering your thoughts and feelings are important.

You might as well know here and now that fears will sneak into your mind and try to steer you away from the accomplishment of your innermost desire. The prime emotion that most of us seem to have is fear. The feeling of what others will think or say. When your environment and the conditions around you are saying something; you should stop and take a look at yourself, and see why all of your efforts are not yielding no open results, etc., the fast work your sending forth from your specified thoughts will broadcast your focus to your desires, your goals, your intentions.

Step forward. Achieve what others attempt. Never allow yourself to get the call of a "quitter". Repeat your statement verbally for a good long period. Consider a certain thought that you desire that evokes great feelings. It has not been given to you the number of steps to reach your goal, continue the attempts until you succeed.

Clean up your ideal of the specified words of repetition. If you want them to materialize, keep a wordbook, include a list of antonyms for each of those words that do not help you to materialize. Get rid of them and find new words instead.

This I know for certain. You can ask, re-claim or interact with your own superpower and bring forth your desires. You are the most fortunate of all living beings in this world. You are the mortal of a care that is so stupendous, that as you truly are wise in controlling your ideal quality and consciously using it, there is no daydreaming that you can imagine that you cannot succeed in...So remember do not quit.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Self Improvement And Training With Hypnosis Downloads

Human beings - we're never happy with ourselves, we are always striving for something more, something better, perfection. Will we ever achieve perfection? I think the answer to that is no. Perfection is something that is unobtainable by human standards as we are all fallible. But we can improve our inner being, move our sensors in line with our goals and continue to improve everyday through many mediums. One of these is through hypnosis downloads.

Whether you want to quit smoking, gain self confidence, eliminate a paralysing fear or phobia from your life or just the opportunity to sleep better, hypnosis could be the answer. There are a number of websites that you can find through Google by just searching for 'hypnosis downloads' that will take you to an oasis of self improvement media.

Obviously there are always people that are sceptical in life and will be forced to wonder whether this method of self help and self improvement will work for them, but if we are realistic and approach the opportunity with an open mind then it seems endless prospects and doors will open for you to explore.

Over time we have all taken on training programs and some of them may have worked for us and some of them probably haven't. If we were to be honest the reason that some of the courses failed to inspire us or help us achieve what we wanted to achieve was probably our own internal self sabotage.

To get hypnosis downloads to work or to learn any new skill for that matter, you have got to want to learn and improve. If not the information will fail to stick in your mind and you will be left with nothing but an expensive folder of notes and no idea of what to do. If you enter into a program of hypnosis downloads with the idea in your mind that it will fail then you are not likely to be open to the power of the suggestive thoughts that will help to improve the area of yourself that you are hoping to develop.

Hypnosis downloads have been used by millions of people around the world, with everyone from famous Hollywood stars right down to the guy next to you on your morning commute utilising the opportunity to bolster and strength their will power or develop their mind.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you want out of life, some people will be happy to follow the path that life sets them and will make little effort to change anything, while others will strive to reach the goals they set, whether it is to stop smoking, run your own business or become a millionaire. If you take the first path then it would be foolish to assume that any great success will land in your lap, but if you take the opportunities present to you and you grab hold of life, then the world is your oyster.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life-Changing Subconscious Mind Power Techniques That Work

Before we can even discuss the whole issue of subconscious mind power techniques that work, the first thing that we need to really do is actually look into and investigate the entire process of the subliminal subconscious mind, and how these processes are going to affect us and overall help us to take over the power and the engine of our brains and use that to our best effects and then from there, use the power of positive thinking and all available technology that has been around in the mental therapy and personal development game to our own advantage. Now we can look at the entire journey of the preconscious mind.

In the travel of discovery, we necessitate to unpick the enigmas of the mind and in due ourselves with it. Within our heads are really a grand prototype of minds. One is the self-conscious one that we interact and use on a day-to-day cornerstone, and it switches off when we sleep. The other is the pre awake or the unconscious mind, and this is the one that is sealed strong within the cerebral mantle of the nous. For one thing that you should know, the unconscious nous is one that is processing all the time, no matter what you are doing, and it is the most powerful component of the brain. It is the one intangible entity that commands everything about us. The root of all evilness’s, the charge of all our shortcomings genuinely come from the intercellular substance of the subconscious intellect, and this is what you need to be truly conscious of and it is this awareness that is might.

We can now place the microscope on the ingredients of the preconscious nous, and image its exercising example. For one matter, what you should know is that since the ontogeny degrees of our lives, our little rudimentary brain has no way of understanding the world around us, and what materializes is that the unconscious psyche comes into play. With the power of association, it umbrellas the mortal that houses the nous. It really matches emotions and characters with entities and arousals that you have come into liaison with and this is what drives the engine of the subconscious mind. As we grow up, these subject matters in reality get lost within as we prepare matters like critical thought and the system of logic train.

So when thinking about the ways where you can make these subconscious mind power techniques work for you, you need to understand that your mind is really in the position to always reject these new messages, so you need to use a medium to mask these messages and techniques, tricking the brain into believing that there are no messages in the first place, but then cunningly bypassing the defences of the mind, and then straight into the subconscious mind. With these methods, you would be able to understand how you can use these techniques for your own advantage and gain an edge in your life.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Self Improvement Tips That Work

To start with, an optimist normally concentrates on having things done and sees damaging incidents in a way that facilitates studying and growth; this is what keeps him on the road of self improvement.

As a speaker, be aware that notes put down in a rush won’t do it but you might need to take notes as little reminders when you’re speaking at an engagement; so be aware to do it in a manner that will unquestionably be expedient and even welcoming for you.

Compel yourself to do anything else when you recognize that you’re really concentrating on damaging things for the reason that you stand to gain nothing useful but upset thoughts and also restless nights.

People are obviously all born with the influence to be innovative, we are all born with prospects but the truth is that those people who seem to be without any kind of resourceful endowments have just been powerless to find out the innovative influence that they own.

Coaching (which can be effectively mastered by self improvement) pays lots of attention to guidance by example and obviously this is the grounds why a coaching leader got to be versed, correctly organized, able to communicate rightly and even able to present clear pictures of the company’s goals.

Lots of individuals don’t understand that the psychological and even emotional factors of a person are exceptionally advantageous to any person who is excited about self improvement.

As self enhancement, you require courage and even a passion to live a a lot better life and you will also require enthusiasm, optimistic thinking and even persistence to realize that lot better life you’re searching for.

A lot of young people are led to imagine that they’re of no importance and therefore, their self confidence is dreadfully eroded and such a situation will surely not assist any of them in any way; it’s truly the exact opposite of self enhancement, instead, it’s truly self destruction.

In final words, successful men and women will constantly tell you that self enhancement will surely reward you with both long lasting along with short-term acquirements that will unquestionably be of exceptional grandness in your progress to the top.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Advice for Making Changes to Your Life

Finding Your Spirit

There are plenty of myths about what you need to succeed in today's society. You do not need a series of self help books telling you how to arrange your bookshelf and paint your northern wall to generate the best success and happiness that you can experience in your earthly life. What you need to start fulfilling your self prophesy of living life on your terms and finding yourself in your own day to day life is you. There are no magical tools, talismans or idol worshipping rituals that will grant you what you are seeking. What you need is lying dormant inside of you begging to be discovered. You are your own best resource. When you learn to locate yourself on your spiritual GPS, you will be ready to reach deep within and become the person that you long to be and accomplish living as you know you deserve to. There is no magic pill, nor is there any single action that can bring about lifelong change, you must learn to alter your perspective and find the opportunity to take beneficial actions to make your journey a prosperous one.

Everyone would like to find a way to let go of past traumas and find a way to enjoy their life on purpose, they would like to see their challenges become gifts and exercise their resilience of spirit and strength of heart every day. Nobody has the perfect life and we all know where we want to improve our day to day emotional resources, and what we want to gain from our activities in order to fortify our sense of self. You will find a technique that will bring about personal growth, to help you change your daily life, improve your every day attitude, be happier, and help a new perspective become born. You can create a life with the proper guidance. You can feel as though you had waved a magic wand. Your own mind and spirit are the engines by which you can reach your destination.

With the proper voice to offer you guidance, you can enter a dimension of living a life of passion, free from judgment of your peers, and graduate achieving true bliss and solid purpose in your life. You can find forgiveness and peace inside of your heart and mind. The power to overcome your obstacles is in your own mind and spirit, and the person that needs to unlock these properties is you. Making your life one of purpose is an undertaking that one can only achieve when you take on the responsibility to find it in yourself to do so. There is no reason to wait another moment to start living as you know that you should, with purpose and with happiness, and leaving a legacy of a life well lived in your wake. Isn't it time for you to change your life into one that you can cherish every day?

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